13.1 Epilogue (get political)

  1. Copy and distribute this checklist. Download it.
  2. Talk to neighbors about how to make the neighborhood greener.
  3. Join groups of folks working together to reduce:  EcoMom Alliance.
  4. Join a Carbon Rationing Action Group (CRAG). 
  5. Use internet sites that help you reduce your carbon footprint and have fun doing it.  Check out  Make Me Sustainable and  Carbon Rally.
  6. Get political – join and support organizations fighting to stop climate change:  1SkyEnvironmental Defense Fund, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council and the World Wildlife Fund to name a few possibilities.
  7. Lobby for green building codes.  Architecture 2030, Efficiency First.
  8. Talk to skeptical family members, friends and neighbors. Be patient and listen, but explain, explain, explain.  For skeptic arguments and responses see Grist’s How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic.  An appropriate take-down of skeptic opinion makers: see Chapter 2, “The Denial Industry” in the book Heat, How to Stop the Planet From Burning by George Monbiot, 2006.

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