09.0 School

  1. Join the Green School Initiative.
  2. Encourage your school to switch to green power via Power Your Way.
  3. Install solar PV panels at your school with state incentives via School Power Naturally.
  4. Establish an eco-committee and adopt an environmental vision statement
  5. Do an energy audit.
  6. Make an action plan and monitor progress.
  7. Integrate greening into the curriculum.
  8. Rally kids to the cause! (If they haven’t already been rallying you…)
  9. Organize events to encourage energy auditing and energy savings – make a friendly competition.
  10. Organize fundraisers to raise awareness and consider buying carbon offsets for the school.
  11. Copy bulletins and exams on both sides.
  12. Make notes and drafts on scrap paper.
  13. Reuse textbooks and school supplies.
  14. In college buy used textbooks and sell them back when you’re done.
  15. Buy school supplies with high recycled content.
  16. In cafeterias, use non-disposable trays, dishes, and silverware.
  17. Make sure your school recycles.
  18. Seek out a food donation program for your school instead of discarding unused cafeteria food.
  19. Compost cafeteria vegetable waste.
  20. Get kids a water bottle.
  21. Prepare waste-free lunches with a reusable lunch bag. Avoid faddish or super cute designs that will age badly.
  22. Carpool. Stuff the neighborhood’s kids in the minivan/crossover, and resume your own low-carbon walking or public transport routine at least a few days a week.
  23. Are they old enough to walk or bike to school?
  24. In college live on campus and walk.

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