06.0 Playing & Pets

6a. Playing:

  1. Remind yourself what it is you’re trying to save: the environment we’ve got.  Get out and enjoy:  City parksState parksNational parks.
  2. Carry it in, carry it out.
  3. Observe wildlife, don’t disturb.
  4. Hike, row, sail, ski, or paddle – don’t motor.   (high impact)
  5. Don’t Cruise.[1] Or consider a sailing cruise.
  6. Take vacations close to home.  (high impact)
  7. For green vacation tips check out Green Globetrotter, The International Ecotourism Society, Traveling the Green Way and Whole Travel.
  8. Share books, CDs, tapes, magazines with friends, hospitals, and prisons.
  9. Throw a party and raise consciousness. Or join the festivities planned for Earth Day , Clean up the World Day or World Car Free Day.
  10. Throwing a party and cannot avoid disposable plates and utensils?  Use BagasseWare plates and SpudWare cutlery.
  11. Plan a green wedding celebration at Ethical Weddings.
  12. Green Halloween.

6b. Pets:

  1. Get your pet from an animal shelter.   (high impact)
  2. Don’t get exotic pets.
  3. Spay or neuter your cat or dog.   (high impact)
  4. Select healthy pet food at Pet Diets.


[1] Data recently released by cruise line owner Carnival shows the carbon footprint of a typical cruise is over 400 lbs of carbon per passenger per day or more than three times higher than the carbon footprint of long-distance plane travel.


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