13.0 Conclusion

Hooray! You’ve gotten down to zero – in a manner of speaking anyway.

But let’s be honest, while you’ve made good progress, there’s much more to do.  Change incrementally – it will insure greater long-term success.

So the last step is to go back to the beginning. Work toward more reduction and fewer offsets.

Consume less, share more, live simply.

    2 Responses to “13.0 Conclusion”

    1. kenlevenson Says:

      I agree – but it’s meant with a grain of salt, as it were. I’ll clarify that!

    2. Earl Killian Says:

      You’re hardly at zero at this point. (Trivial example: even if you’re eating local food you’ve got fossil fuels in your veins. Even if you grow your own food, the water you irrigated them with was probably pumped with fossil fuels.)

      My point is that you’ve left off the most important item that would let us get to zero eventually: Elect politicians that will get rid of the fossils.

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