12.0 Consider Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets have been called a sin tax, compared to Catholic indulgences or paying for a war substitute. But carbon offsets are meant to be used only as a supplement, not a substitute. Choose carefully, and carbon offsets will genuinely reduce emissions.

As a gesture toward neutralizing your remaining footprint consider buying offsets.  Well regarded U.S.-based companies and organizations that provide carbon offsets:

  1. CarbonFund.
  2. Climate Trust.
  3. Native Energy.
  4. TerraPass.

2 Responses to “12.0 Consider Carbon Offsets”

  1. kenlevenson Says:

    Fair enough Earl – finally got to editing that line out.

  2. Earl Killian Says:

    As you say, these are a supplement, not a substitute, so the “carbon neutrality is just a click away” line is really too much hype.

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