Passive House Introduction Posts at Energy Circle

Levenson McDavid Architects P.C.

Levenson McDavid Architects P.C.

I’m pleased to announce that the great effeciency website Energy Circle has posted two of a series I’m writing, introducing Passive House methodology to a wider audience. (Part 1 & Part 2.)To quote myself from the first post:

Simply put, Passive House is the most rigorous energy standard today. Passive House methodology focuses on cost-effectively optimizing, in a truly integrated and highly controlled and predictable manner, those building elements essential to providing thermal/environmental comfort: the exterior (building) envelope and ventilation systems.

In the second post I discuss in some detail the typical characteristics of Passive House such as thermal comfort:

The combination of air-tightness, superinsulation and high performance windows eliminates typical air temperature stratification – so that the temperature at the floor is the same as that at the ceiling, and is virtually the same at the exterior wall as it is at the interior wall. Because the fresh filtered airflow is constant in all occupied rooms, there is much less dust in the space. All these improvements not only lead to greater occupant comfort and health, but occupant comfort at higher temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter than would be typical.

To illustrate the approach I discuss our ongoing work for our wonderful clients Brooklyn Cohousing. The two posts are short and very readable – I hope you have a look as I believe the Passive House approach to building will play a significant part in addressing our climate challenge.  

Future posts in the series will take a detailed look at specific aspects of Passive House.  Stay tuned.


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