China making a move?

Forbes has an interesting little article out, “China seen committing to environmental targets; seeking technology transfer – UN”.

It’s short so here it is:

China will offer to commit to environmental targets in the current round of climate change negotiations, in exchange for technology transfer from developed countries, according to the head of the United Nations secretariat on climate change.

China is seeking technology from developed countries that will help it deal with global warming and reduce carbon emissions, Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN’s Framework on Climate Change, said.

Speaking at a news briefing here, de Boer added that the US wants to obtain commitments from developing countries like China and India to cut carbon emissions in an eventual post-Kyoto settlement.

Seems to me they are setting the table for the next U.S. President to take bold action. As I described in “Reactions speak louder than Bush climate speech” it seemed that China’s reaction in particular indicated a shift in attitude and a hopeful sign. I think this news report builds on that sense. It is encouraging if small news. Little steps can get us moving.



One Response to “China making a move?”

  1. Kiashu Says:

    I don’t think China is planning for a low-resource use future, judging by their takeover of an Aussie iron company… perhaps they’re borrowing Western environmental standards: “Let the pollution be in some other bugger’s country.”

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