Electronics Waste Action Items

Email a reluctant Mayor Bloomberg, urging him to sign into law the “e-waste” bill.

And Brooklynites, while we await passage of this important legislation, put May 18th in your calender.    

It’s the day you can finally clean out all those dust covered computing dinosaurs stacked in closets and on shelves.   From 8am to 2pm at Prospect Park next to the Carousel near Flatbush and Empire.   For more information regarding this event or other city recyling events in other boroughs go to www.nyc.gov/wasteless.   


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2 Responses to “Electronics Waste Action Items”

  1. Recycle-IT Says:


  2. Alan Chappell Says:

    Perhaps you might take a look at Google Earth, you will possibly note that 70% of our planet is covered by water, in places up to 5 miles deep, perhaps in your wisdom you could explain to me why the ‘science’ of global warming ignores 70% of our planet, I suggest Sir that your mindset needs adjusting.
    Alan Chappell

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